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Bhutan Trogon Traveller

Bhutan Trogon Traveller was found in Mid-November 2016 by a Bird enthusiast and Nature Lover with the Theme; "Don't Just Travel; EXPLORE! There is a happiness". And a promise of genuinely being committed to a responsible Tourism, with quality of supporting local communities and the Environment.

A team of Bhutanese Travel Professional dedicated in providing excellent birding holidays and other travel services. The members and staffs are also, the most experienced and selected with the merit of experience and knowledge of local ideas and in Birding.

Along with the Birding tours, Bhutan Trogon Traveller organizes and keeps the interest in Biking, Trekking and Cultural tours, another just one iconic tours to meet every Travelers quest.

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About Bhutan

Bhutan is known to the world as a most rough and mountainous terrain with most diverse flora and fauna, natural landscape, architecture, wonderful biodiversity and well preserved of its unique culture.

Tips and Information

Bhutan is a beautiful mountainous country with varying climate, cultural and people. Knowing about the country that you are about to visit would just enhance your stay by making it efficient and memorial.

Popular Destinations

Though Bhutan is a small and land locked country, there are many popular places that you could visit, you could explore and nevertheless, Bhutan's rich biodiversity provides the best chances of discovering new species of flora and fauna.